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Heartwarming Pic Of School Custodian Comforting Child With Autism Goes Viral

When one young girl in a school in Alvin, Texas couldn't face going into the cafeteria one morning, a school custodian demonstrated a wonderful act of kindness to the young girl, which has since gone viral across the internet.

Hollie Bellew-Shaw shared the photo to Facebook, praising the member of staff.

Facebook | Hollie Bellew-Shaw

Due to the fact that Ms Shaw's daughter has autism, something like heading into the cafeteria can be a little daunting and overwhelming for her.

One morning, at Melba Passmore Elementary School, Kenlee Bellew-Shaw was having a particularly bad day.

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Ms Shaw explained to the Today Show that her daughter Kenlee, who is in fourth grade, was having a particularly bad time when the moment occurred:

"[Kenlee] really struggles with being in the cafeteria. There’s just so much commotion and noise.

"We were rushing and when we rush Kenlee things start to go downhill."

As Kenlee was finding it too much to head into the cafeteria that morning, she lay down on the stage and started crying.

Facebook | Hollie Bellew-Shaw

However, when Ms Shaw went to console her child, one compassionate member of staff went over and lay down with Kenlee, placing her arm around her.

Touched by the compassion shown, Ms Shaw shared the photo on Facebook.

Facebook | Hollie Bellew-Shaw

The photo quickly went viral, with hundreds of people sharing and commenting on the post with messages of love and praise for the wonderful member of staff, Ms Esther.

Ms Esther has always had a special relationship with Kenlee according to Ms Shaw.

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Speaking to Yahoo Lifetyle, Ms Shaw explained, "Mrs. Esther has had a special bond with my daughter, Kenlee, for about three years.

"Whenever they see each other, Kenlee runs to her like she’s seeing her the first time. Mrs. Esther always has the biggest hug and kind words for my girl. She holds a piece of our hearts for sure."

The Alvin Independent School District also shared the photo, commending Ms Esther for her behaviour.

Facebook | Alvin Independent School District

Comments such as, "We are blessed to have her at Passmore!" flooded the post as parents and teachers alike shared their admiration for Ms Esther's behaviour.

Even though English isn't Esther McCool's first language, she's found a way to communicate perfectly with her students.

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Ms Esther McCool spoke to Today via a translator to talk about the impact she has had on the children.

"I felt something was wrong and I went to make her feel better. I watch after the kids and make sure they are OK.

"The heart doesn't have a language."

Ms Shaw explained how much this level of compassion means to both her and Kenlee.

Facebook | Hollie Bellew-Shaw

She explained that such an expression of kindness goes a long way in an interview with WBRC, "A kind word just goes so far, and it can fix what you didn't see, you know?"

"We've been in situations out in public where people literally say the rudest, meanest things."

Ms Esther's level of compassion for the children at the school she works at is truly heartwarming.

However, there are a lot of other people who work in schools across the country who also deserve recognition for the great work they do on a daily basis.

Hopefully, Ms Esther's story will inspire people to take a little time to think of those in their own community who work tirelessly to make sure that the nation's children get the best care and attention that they deserve.

h/t: Today & Yahoo