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Nicolas Cage Is Unrecognizable In New Red Carpet Photos

Nicolas Cage's face may be used for all sorts of different memes, face swaps, and more, but he's never looked unrecognizable before.

Until now...

If you're brave enough to take a dive into the dark depths of the internet, you're bound to find some pretty weird stuff...

Like this image of Nicholas Cage as a pickle.

Picolas Cage is a real thing, folks.

And we are surprisingly here for it.

We can't forget about this infamous GIF that never fails to make us laugh.

His face is just so meme-able.

Someone even discovered that adding Nicolas Cage's face to Ross' from "Friends" makes Ross look more "Ross."

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In fact, people with way too much spare time have found that you can add Nicolas' face into pretty much any movie.

It's led to brilliant face-swaps like this:

With face-swapping technology, Cage has been in pretty much every movie.

He is one accomplished actor.

So with Nicolas's face being used for different comedic purposes, it's easy to forget what he *actually* looks like.

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To help clear things up, here he is.

The actor has been up to a lot lately, like travelling to Toronto to take part in the Toronto International Film Festival.

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He also recently filmed the movie "Mandy," which he said he's "thrilled" about.

The film he was there to promote, 'Color Out Of Space,' is apparently as eccentric as the man himself.

It's an adaptation of an H.P. Lovecraft story and apparently involves Cage screaming obscenities, milking an alpaca, and saying the word "alpaca" many times.

In other words, the perfect film.

The film is apparently creepy, strange, and just plain super weird, which maybe might explain the reasoning behind why Cage made the choices he did for the red carpet.

He's also currently going through a divorce from his fourth wife, Erika Koike.

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They were only married for four days after getting hitched in Las Vegas on March 23.

Cage filed for an annulment due to being "intoxicated" during the ceremony.

Besides that, there's another new change in Cage's life.

And it's pretty big.

We'll let this image speak for itself.

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Basically, the actor showed up to the premiere of his new movie, "Running with the Devil" looking unrecognizable.

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This is not a Western film, so there's really no good explanation as to why he dressed up like a cowboy.

We're kinda digging that wolf jacket, tho.

We're not the only ones.

Instagram | @killersundae

Obviously, the epitome of cool is Nicolas Cage in a painted denim jacket with a wolf under a full moon in the forest on it. I shouldn't even have to tell you that. That should be innate human knowledge.

Along with the cowboy hat and acid-washed denim, he also had a crazy beard going on.

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He spent a lot of time on the red carpet putting his bushy beard on people's faces while kissing their cheeks and flashing the peace sign.

Maybe this was his way of saying he "comes in peace" since he's clearly an alien?!

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I mean, it would make sense...

But seriously, this is not the Cage we remember.

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It's total stranger danger!

When Jim Carrey grew a long beard, people were worried about him.

But when Nicolas Cage does it, do we chalk it up to anything but him just being Picolas Cage Nicolas Cage?

Didn't think so.

The reaction to his new look has been strong.

One Reddit user said, "Only Nicolas Cage can make a real beard look fake," while another made a comparison to the popular Red Dead Redemption cowboy game franchise.

Personally, I think he looks familiar...

Walt Disney Studios

He looks a bit like the in-between stage of Tim Allen turning into Santa from The Santa Claus.

I'm not the first one to make this comparison.

Their resemblance is only heightened now by the cowboy look that Nicolas has decided to rock lately.

Some fans made other connections.

“Hi, Grizzly Adams!” wrote on Twitter user, and another one added, “I’m completely on board for Grizzly Adams Nic Cage.”

Not everyone was so positive.

"He looks like if Twitter was a person," added one Twitter user, who likely wasn't intending it as a compliment.

Are you here for the bearded look? Or is smooth Nic more your speed?