Turn Your House Into 'Build-A-Bear' With This DIY Stuffing Station From Walmart

Is there anything better than going to Build-A-Bear? Probably not, although this DIY kit from Walmart will let you bring home the fun of making your own bear. I'm way older than the recommended age for this kit and I still want one.

Everyone knows that Build-A-Bear is basically one of the most magical stores in the world.

What's not to like? You get to make your very own custom cuddle buddy. It's perfect for kids and kids at heart.

Well, now you can bring the magic of Build-A-Bear home with your very own stuffing kit from Walmart.


Stuff, dress, and adopt three Build-A-Bear friends with this awesome DIY kit.

It comes with everything you need to make three new friends.


The stuffing station includes enough supplies to make all three plush friends, as well as paper accessories and birth certificates.

The stuffing station currently has a four-star review on


Most parents said that their kids had a blast making their own bears at home. With Christmas coming up, I'm sure this will be on many kids' wish lists!