Jason Momoa Had To Train In "Complete Darkness" For Hours For His New Show

Jason Momoa is pushing himself to the limits with his new show, and that is making people even more excited to see it.

His new show See is about a world where no one can see until a new pair of twins can.

Since he's playing a blind man, the fight scenes had to properly display that.


Momoa had to train with a blind fight coach. He would also wear a sleep-mask blindfold.

He even worked on echolocating: which is navigation used blindly, in which you make noises and listen to how the noise bounces off walls or objects.

Here's what Momoa had to say about the training:

"We’ll spend the better part of a couple hours in complete darkness. The less dependent you are on your eyes, it’s like your skin feels more."

"You walk into a room you can feel an object approach you. You’re echolocating so you can hear sound bounce off things."


"And the more you train for it, you become this ultimate warrior because your senses are so heightened and you’re not dependent on your eyes. All of the fight scenes are so different because you don’t have vision."

Watch the trailer now!

Judging from everything else he's done, this is going to be amazing.

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