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Rihanna Was Called Out For Texting During A Broadway Show

It may be curtains for Rihanna's trips to the theatre.

That's because the singer was just called out for texting during a recent show in New York, and people are pissssed.

Rihanna may be a queen, but that doesn't make her immune from "proper theater etiquette."

That's become evident from a recent event where the singer was called out for texting during a Broadway show.

The drama all began this past Sunday night when Rihanna stopped by the Golden Theatre in New York.

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She was there to watch the Broadway show, Slave Play.

It was a huge honor for the cast and crew, who naturally freaked out at her presence.

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Um, same!

Also freaking out was the play's writer, Jeremy O. Harris.

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After the show, he even revealed the extra courtesies he gave for his "idol."

Harris may have seen nothing wrong with Rihanna's behavior, but this playwright on Twitter certainly did.

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Jeremy responded with "????" to the critic's comment.

"I don’t understand why you aren’t condemning that behavior :/" they wrote back.

They added that "Lin was right to condemn Madonna. Her doing that throughout the show is incredibly disrespectful to the rest of the audience. And also to the cast...."

The critic's comment was in reference to a situation involving Madonna in 2015.

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Basically, Hamilton's creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda had banned Madonna from seeing the show ever again because she had been texting during it.

While her reps denied it, one of "Hamilton's" stars, Jonathan Groff, personally set the record straight.

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When asked in an interview whether he was upset Madonna got banned, he said, "No. Because that [expletive] was on her phone."

"You couldn’t miss it from the stage. It was a black void of the audience in front of us and her face there perfectly lit by the light of her iPhone through three-quarters of the show.”


The critic on Twitter also confirmed that "common" audience members weren't happy with Rihanna texting during the show.

"Texting during a show is unacceptable," another said.

"As is starting late for anyone who thinks they’re better than a paying audience of theatre goers. Rihanna is amazing but check that privilege."

While Harris respected people's opinions, he made it clear that he didn't feel the same.

He then agreed with someone who pointed out that "proper theatre etiquette" is a new thing.

According to Harris, RiRi only sent three texts, which is less than what his mother usually sends.

He's standing by Rihanna.

He also threw a little shade by retweeting a post that said that "Hamilton" held the curtain for Mike Pence.

He had no trouble pointing out the double standard!

As for RiRi, she's yet to release a statement about all of the drama.

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Homegirl's too busy anyway!

Right now, the singer is in Seoul, celebrating the launch of Fenty Beauty reaching the Asian markets.

She's also presenting a Fenty Beauty masterclass.

The bottom line is pretty clear to see: it's Harris' show and he's going to let his idol do whatever she pleases.

Do you think people are right to be pissed at Rihanna for texting during the show?