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Change Things Up This Spooky Season With Cute Pastel Halloween Decor

Are the classic colors of Halloween, orange, black, and deep purple, so yesterday? It appears that they might be.

According to a study conducted by Pinterest, searches for pink Halloween and pastel Halloween are up over 150%, so it might be time to switch things up for the 2019 Halloween season.

The traditional spooky colors of Halloween are on their way out.

A Kailo Chic Life

People are decorating their places with a colorful twist, steering clear of the spook and leaning more towards the cute.

You can see color palettes like this one all over stores these days.

Instagram | @thepinkhutch

You don't have to sacrifice your home's own color scheme to show how much you love Halloween — you can simply blend Halloween decor into your existing home's palette!

Of course, HomeGoods is the number one stop to find the most darling seasonal decor, and Halloween decor is having a major moment this year.

Instagram | @lifestyleaddict_blog

Search #HomeGoodsHalloween on Instagram and you'll see why.

As someone who absolutely adores anything floral, this display simply screams my name.

For people who love Halloween, but aren't fans of the darker and more striking colors and creepy items, pastel Halloween decor is a great happy medium.

Instagram | @out_of_the_attic_holiday

What do you think of the pastel Halloween trend? Let us know!