Oh Hello 'Seinfeld'...Netflix Bought All 180 Episodes So Get Ready To Binge

Well, don't wonder anymore about canceling your Netflix subscription everyone!

Seinfeld is coming to Netflix, so if you have a hole in your heart from your favorite shows leaving, then be sad no longer!

Netflix just got a whole lot funnier.


The show about, essentially, nothing, is coming to Netflix.

So if you want your mind to just go blank and fill your nights with laughter, this is good news!

Mike Hopkins, Sony Pictures Television chairman had this to say in to the LA Times.


"'Seinfeld' is a one-of-a-kind, iconic, culture-defining show. Now, 30 years after its premiere, 'Seinfeld' remains center stage."

He continued with:


"We're thrilled to be partnering with Netflix to bring this beloved series to current fans and new audiences around the globe."

Considering 'The Office' and 'Friends' is leaving Netflix, this is amazing news.


Will you be bingeing it? Or are you taking a pass?

Let us know below in the comments!