Getty Images | Paul Marotta

Felicity Huffman's Prison Stay Might Include French Vanilla Cappuccinos And Sunbathing

Earlier this year, Desperate Housewives actress Felicity Huffman and several others were charged with bribing their children's way into colleges across the country. Huffman plead guilty to paying $15 thousand to boost her daughter's SAT scores.

Last week, Huffman was sentenced to a controversial 14 day prison stay.

She will also have one year of supervised release and 250 hours of community service, according to TMZ. Some people have felt that this sentence is incredibly light.

It also looks like the prison she'll be serving her sentence in has a few swankier amenities.

According to The Blast, items available for Huffman to purchase from the commissary include bottled water, snacks like Oreos, sun tan lotion, and french vanilla cappuccino.

Huffman will be able to work on her tan on the weekends.

According to TMZ, the prison allows sunbathing from 4pm Fridays until 8:30pm Sundays.

Of course, it won't all be fancy commissary items and tanning.

Huffman will be strip-searched upon entry and given a jumpsuit and three pairs of underwear, according to TMZ.

She'll also have to have her bed made by 10am every day, and will have to conserve one roll of toilet paper for entire stay — the prison hands out one roll every other week, and Huffman's short sentence means she will only get the one.