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Bride & Groom Ask Their Grandmothers To Serve As Wedding's Flower Girls

One couple's wedding photos have been taking the internet by storm after they shared one particular image of the couple's grandmothers serving as flower girls.

Weddings are a day of wonder and stress in equal measure.

A large part of that stress can stem from deciding who will be doing what, such as deciding on who will be best man/woman, who will be the ring bearer, and if you will have a flower girl.

Josh and Maggie Wakefield decided to offer the job of flower girls to someone particularly close to their hearts.

Since the couple did not have any children in their family, they decided to ask their grandmothers.

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Alongside the photo, the couple wrote, "Me and my husband didn't have any kids in the family to be the flower girl, so we asked our grandmothers. As you can tell, they were DELIGHTED."

One of the grandmothers was quoted as saying that it was the "best day of my life".

The Today Show

The couple's grandparents, Joyce Benedict and Drue Fitzgerald, have since taken the internet by storm.

Ms Wakefield spoke to the Today Show about the grandparents reaction, saying, "They just can't believe it, wrapping their minds around the internet. I told them they were social media queens. They think it's great."

The bride and groom are immensely close to their grandparents, which was what helped lead them to the decision.

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Ms. Wakefield said, "We go over (to) his grandparents' once a week. Whenever we're over, they feed us a full-course meal. They're so sweet and so caring."

It's good to see that it's not just my grandparents who have a penchant for feeding people!

The decision also came from the pair wanting to honor their grandparents following a recent tragedy.

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Maggie Wakefield had tragically lost her father to colon cancer before the big day, so the couple wanted to make sure that they were surrounding themselves with as many family members as possible.

Also, they may be over 70, but that didn't stop the now-viral grandma from enjoying a dance or two.

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The bride's grandmother and grandfather danced the night away. The couple have been together for over 56 years, and apparently still go to the gym together every morning.

Now that is relationship goals!

The photos were showered with positive comments and maybe the odd tear here and there.

Reactions to the photo included the likes of:

"This is so beautiful. Makes me miss my Nana so much."

"This is one of the best wedding ideas I have ever seen, completely awesome!"

"I love this so much. Beautiful on so many levels, thanks for sharing!"

However, Joyce and Drue aren't the only grandmothers to have this honor!

Facebook | Bridal Guide Magazine

Back in 2017, Georgiana Arlt was the flower girl at her granddaughters wedding at the tender age of 92!

Arlt said that she was honored to have been asked.

Facebook | Little Rascal Studio

In an interview with ABC, Artl said, "I was honored. I was really, really honored [...] I gladly did it and I’m happy I did it and I’m happy I lived long enough to do it."

What a wonderful way to honor your grandparents by sharing your special day with them. I can imagine that this might become a more common wedding inclusion in the future!

h/t: ABC & Today

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