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Boy Creates Special Bow Ties For Shelter Dogs To Help Them Get Adopted

One 12-year-old boy has been taking social media by storm after starting perhaps the most wholesome business venture of all time - making bow ties for shelter dogs!

12-year-old Darius Brown lives in Newark and wanted to do something to help his furry friends.

GoFundMe | Dazhai Brown

Darius' decided to use his sewing talents to make shelter dogs their own individual little bow ties in order to try and help them get adopted.

Darius started his venture after seeing how many animals were left needing shelter following Hurricane Irma.

Instagram | sirdariusbrown

According to his GoFundMe page, "In 2017, Sir Darius became emotional and was moved by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma and wanted to do something to help."

His hope was that the trendy bow ties would make the dogs look more attractive and fashionable to help them find loving homes.

It's not only dogs who can enjoy Darius' bow ties either...

Instagram | sirdariusbrown

Darius specializes in, "Creating handmade stylish bowties for our fur-babies (dogs and cats) and their 'hoomans'."

I mean, I know it may look like that cat might not be having the best time, but deep down it's loving it!

It would appear that the bow ties are working as well!

GoFundMe | Dazhai Brown

Darius frequently shares images of shelter dogs sporting his stylish bow ties on his Instagram page "Beaux and Paws" which has over 50, 000 followers, and the comments are quickly flooded with people rushing to adopt the well-dressed pups.

Darius has had an interest in sewing from a young age.

Instagram | sirdariusbrown

When he was only 2, Darius was diagnosed with speech, comprehension, and fine motor skills delay. However, Darius didn't let this stop him from achieving his dreams.

At age 8 he began helping his sister cut fabric to help improve his motor skills.

GoFundMe | Dazhai Brown

Speaking to New Jersey News 12, Darius' older sister Dazhai said, "IEP is kind of like a development issue. He has a hard time with comprehension and motor skills. Fine motor skills, as far as like his hands…gripping.

"He’s done a whole 360 coming from kindergarten to first grade and he keeps growing and growing."

Darius recently set up his own website and hopes to establish a store where people can buy his bow ties.

Instagram | sirdariusbrown

Speaking in an interview with News 12, Darius expressed his love for the specific item of clothing, and his hopes for the future:

"I wear bow ties every day. Every day. Oh, I love wearing bow ties!

"My goal for my bow ties is to have my own store and have a lot of people buying my bow ties."

Darius has also set up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for his bow tie business and visit dog shelters across the country.

Instagram | sirdariusbrown

Darius' GoFundMe page explains his company's "PAW-some mission" as, "to visit 5+ states to volunteer at different shelters and adoption centers assisting with the care of their shelter dogs, helping with adoption events as well as getting them cute and dapper in his snazzy bow ties in hopes of getting as many dogs as he can adopted this summer."

Any extra money raised will apparently be used to help Darius buy materials, a new sewing machine, and officially register his company.

One of the highlights of Darius' already impressive career was receiving a letter from former president Barack Obama.

Instagram | sirdariusbrown

The touching letter praised Darius for his community spirit and commended his devotion to making the world around him a better place.

Alongside the letter, Darius wrote, "Some people doubted me, laughed at me, criticized me, some even said I was too young. But, I never let any of that negativity stop me. I never gave up. I'm extremely proud to know that I have been former 'PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA APPROVED'."

Darius' heart warming mission has completely captured the hearts of Americans everywhere.

Instagram | sirdariusbrown

Darius' GoFundMe page has nearly doubled its $10, 000 target, and the money is still coming in!

I cannot imagine having achieved the things that Darius has achieved at the age of 12. When I was 12 I was much more concerned with putting as many hours into playing Pokemon as possible than setting up my own company...

Yeah, I was a really cool kid.

According to the ASPCA, 6.5 million cats and dogs go into shelters each year across the U.S.

Instagram | sirdariusbrown

With a staggering 3.3 million dogs and 3.2 million cats going into shelters each year, it's amazing to see a young man like Darius doing anything that he can to help these wonderful animals.

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