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Woman Alarmed After Spotting Giant 'Cougar' Lounging On Neighbor's Roof

Personally, the worst thing I've ever spotted on a neighbor's roof is Christmas lights in the middle of July. But I think it's safe to say this story really puts that "horror" of a sighting into perspective.

An Oregon woman was recently treated to the shock of a lifetime when she spotted what appeared to be a wild cougar lounging on her neighbor's garage roof for a little midday lie-down, LADBible reported.

Of course, things aren't always quite what they seem.

Alysha Sifford spied the ferocious cat when she went outside for a cigarette.

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"I saw it staring right at me," she told KMTR. "He or she looked mad."

Well of course. Wouldn't you be? Clearly this cougar has found its way up onto a roof expecting a relaxing perch and instead found itself having to deal with neighbors. Ugh.

Despite the situation, Sifford said she wasn't actually scared of the giant cougar staring at her from across the street.

Alysha Sifford

"It stayed on the roof and watched me for a minute," she said. I'm not afraid personally, just alarmed."

I'm sure it was definitely a surprising sight to say the least.

I think my reaction would be something more akin to fleeing for my life, maybe throwing in a few ill-advised screams here and there, but simply feeling "alarmed" works too, I guess.

After word got out about the cougar, local media picked up the story and warned residents to be on the look out.

Of course, their fear was justified. Oregon is home to an estimated 6,600 cougars.

However, one person wasn't feeling very frightened whatsoever by the news.

Sifford's neighbor, John Forrest who also happens to be homeowner of that garage the "cougar" took a little lie-down atop of, actually laughed when he heard the story.

As it turns out, the so-called "cougar" is actually a fake lion. His fake lion, to be exact.

John Forrest

"It's my resin lion," Forrest admitted. "We thought it was kind of cool so we mounted it on the roof."

T'was all a big prank.

As it turns out, the lion was actually a marketing gimmick to promote Treasures Trondhjem, an antique business he runs out of his garage.

The lion really spooked people, and even had one woman terrified enough to call the police.

John Forrest

"One lady was screaming at me not to come out of the garage because there is a cougar on the roof," Forrest said.

Though he has had to, uh, clarify some things publicly.

He added that he has since posted a picture of the plastic lion on his Facebook page so people know it's all part of his business, and that it's definitely safe to come towards his home.

h/t: LADBible, KMTR

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