10+ Ghosts Fans Missed In 'Haunting Of Hill House' To Prepare For 'Bly Manor'

Alright ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, fans of The Haunting Of Hill House of all ages, time to get into all the ghosts we are sure that you missed!

The Ghost Between The Stairs


This is from episode one, minute one.

Before we're really introduced to anything, if you look between the first banister leading up, you'll see a spooky ghost staring between the rails.

The Man Behind Steven


While Steven and his dear old dad are busy trying to figure out what the heck is turning the knob at the door, they fail to see the figure standing behind Steven.

The Face Behind The Clock


Seriously, what is this show, Where's Waldo for ghosts?

Anyways, in one scene from episode one where Mrs. Dudley speaks to Steve about gospels, you can see a figure lurking behind the clock.

The People In The Foyer


As the two aforementioned characters are trying to flee the house, they fail to see the two figures that are standing behind them.

Watching them flee.

The Kid In The Garden


Moving on to episode two now, we're soon going to learn that there is a child playing in the garden (or a ghost playing in the garden) but we get a sneak peek of it here.

The Figure In The Kitchen


The last hidden ghost of episode two, when Olivia is talking to Shirley, we see that a figure is standing ominously in the kitchen.

Funny use of the word ominously... how else do ghosts stand?

The Face In The Door


Moving right along to episode three now, we see that the ghosts are always watching, even through the upper left panels of wooden doors!

How... creative and spooky, ghosts!

The Ghost In The Dining Room


Now this one may be a little tricky to spot, so try and pay attention.

If you squint your eyes real hard, turn your device upside down, and look directly ahead of Theo, you'll see one barely concealing itself behind a small wall.

The Ghost In The Dining Room (Again)


Alright, jokes aside, this episode three ghost is actually hard to see. While Theo is looking in the dumbwaiter, if you look in the dining room (to the right) and look barely past the chair you should see an arm.

A spooky arm!

The One Behind The Glass Door


Man, these ghosts are getting pretty confident!

As Theo looks for a ladder to the basement, we can see a spooky specter lurking behind her, watching her from behind a glass door.

The Basement Ghost


Jeez, this one is the stuff of nightmares. Seriously, anyone who has shut off the lights in their basement and ran up the stairs will hate this one.

Just follow the rungs of the ladder.

The Living Room Specter


Once again, we see that spooky arm ghost lurking behind Olivia.

I'm fairly sure that it's the same one: same spooky arm, same spooky blonde hair, same indistinguishability. Must be the same!

The Ghost Stalking Theo


This one is said to be the spookiest one, but I tend to disagree.

This bald guy just kind of reminds me of Uncle Fester! And Uncle Fester isn't scary!

The Man Behind The Lamp


Alright, that's quite enough, ghosts! What are you, shy? Why don't you just come out and say hello!

Oh god, nevermind, please go back to hiding you horrible, horrible monsters.

The Man Behind The Chair


About eight minutes into an episode, you can (almost) see a man behind the chair.

This one is pretty blurry.

The Woman In The Hall


See by the window?

I swear, if not for pausing through the episode, I would have never noticed the woman.

The Face In The Cabinet


This one is super hard to spot, so we can't blame you for missing it.

It's in the middle of the cabinet, more on the right. See it?

The Ghosts In The Archway


See the shadowy figures in the archway by the stairs?

Yup, creepy.

The Ghost Behind Liv


How did her child not notice a ghost behind her mother?!

I swear this show is so freaking creepy.

The Ghost Under The Piano



This house is literally my worst possible nightmare. I am not exaggerating.

Someone Watching Nell


In episode five, there's someone watching Nellie directly behind her.

The poor girl had a sad life ahead of her.

Waiting Behind The Door


In episode seven, toward the end of the show, there's a shadowy figure waiting behind the door.

Body Behind The Door


Do you see that figure lurking behind the third man?

He literally looks ready to kill them all.

The Ghost Lurking In The Basement


I can't believe I missed this.

It's basically in full view of the camera! We need to pay more attention during season two.

Yet Another Archway


See in the archway?

There's a tall shadowy figure lurking, waiting, ready to terrify. Or just watching.

Watching Ghost


This one is in plain sight and is probably the easiest one to notice throughout the entire series.

The Ghost Under The Stairs


As Mom is getting ready to leave the house, there's a ghost watching her go.


The One Behind Steven


In the final episode, when Steven returns to the house, there's a ghost lurking behind him.

A bit hard to see, but it's there in the background.