10+ Things Women Always Do In Movies That Almost Never Happen In Real Life

I'll admit I don't know much about women, but what I do know is they're often misrepresented in movies.

So let's go through all the ways that happens so we don't make those mistakes again.

1. If A Woman Wants To Be Tough, She Needs To Have Brothers


There's no possible way that any woman could be a tough, no-nonsense kind of gal unless she was taught to be that way by boys.

It's just the law of movies.

2. Eating Food Sensually


Yes, I understand if you're being flirty you may want to eat a strawberry/popsicle/corndog/burrito sensually.

But when they're just eating, women can be far from sensual. Especially if they haven't eaten all day.

3. Instant Love


You know who the biggest offender of this trope is, but usually, in movies the moment a woman sees a man they fall in love.

Frozen tried to lampoon this trope, only to have the character fall in love with someone she met days earlier.

4. Wrapping The Bed Sheet Around Yourself


After "doing the deed" a lot of women in movies will wrap the bedsheet around their body.

This is probably so the actress doesn't have to show any skin, but when does this happen in real life? What's the point?

5. "Masked Saviours"


There's an old trope in movies where a masked person (usually someone on a motorcycle) will come around and do a bunch of cool stuff.

Who could this man be? Well, surprise! She takes off her mask and it's a woman!

6. Walking With Linked Arms


Do moviemakers think that women are dumb? "We better link arms guys, if we don't then one of us might wander off and get lost".

I don't think I've ever seen this happen in real life.

7. The Classic Trip And Fall


You all know this trope, mostly because Scream and Scary Movie parodied it before.

A woman is running away from a killer and she trips and falls about a million times.

8. Looking Stunning After The Shower


Or, sometimes, they'll look radiant right after waking up. I hate to admit it gentlemen, but women tend to look as bad as we do in the mornings.

Hair all askew and drool coming down their faces.

9. Women Don't Wear Button Ups To Bed

Twitter | @shutupmay

Apparently, this is false.

Sure, I've seen women take T-Shirts before, but they don't wear button-ups to bed for the same reason that we don't: they're uncomfortable.

10. Running In Heels


God, that would be brutal. And yet you see it in movies all the time!

Sure, if they're running away from a killer after prom that's fine. But sometimes they'll come dressed for a fight in heels!

11. Throwing Engagement Rings Away

Twitter | @Clare_marjan

Personally, I think the classy thing to do would be to give the engagement ring back to the person who gave it to you, and not just pawn it off.

But in the very least don't throw it off a bridge!

12. A Woman Will Succumb To A Man's Advances If He Is Aggressive Enough


This is a bad one because not only does it teach men to keep going after a woman says "No" but it teaches women that aggressive, pushy men are to be desired.

13. Girls In High School Are Either Dumb, Clumsy And Popular


Or they're punk rock girls who hate society, probably hang out exclusively with guys and also probably take an art class.

There's no in-between! Where are all our regular girls at?

14. Women Like Wonder Woman Should Be Hairier


I can understand women who come from our modern world might not have hair all over them.

But Wonder Woman has been on an island all her life, surrounded by women. Why would she shave?

15. Women At High School Parties Are Nuts


This is honestly the closest thing to reality on this list.

However, high school parties are often not as insane as the movies would lead you to believe. Same goes for the women who attend them.

16. Women Often Borrow Men's Jackets


And you're right, mysterious Twitter user, women in movies should set an example for women in real life and learn to dress for the weather! No more taking jackets!

#Feminism #DressForTheWeatherLadies

17. Shaving Heads In A Climatic Moment


Obviously tons of women shave their heads.

But in movies, it's always for that climactic moment. Why can't it just be because they want to shave their head?

18. The Classic "Take Off The Glasses And She's Suddenly Gorgeous"


I'm tempted to give this one a break since it's been parodied in so many other movies.

However, this is a trope that we can no longer abide by.

19. Or the "Makeover That Increases The Social Status"


This is possibly a lot worse.

It gives girls the idea that all you need to do is be pretty and suddenly, people will accept you wherever you go!

20. The Quick Orgasm


In movies, whenever there's a sex scene if the woman is supposed to have an orgasm, then she usually has one within five seconds or so.

It's a lot harder than that, people.

21. Looking Good Even In An Apocalypse


Going back to that point I made earlier about Wonder Woman, women who have survived a post-apocalyptic world would probably not be all that concerned with looking good.

They'd probably be concerned with surviving.

22. Wearing Their Hair Down While Saving The World


The women that I know won't even let their hair down when they're on the treadmill, let alone not put it up when they're facing a robot army.

23. Changing Their Hair Color So Quickly


There's a trope in movies that when a woman needs to escape from somewhere, she changes her hair from brunette to blond in a matter of minutes.

But it takes a lot more time than that.

24. They Only Talk About Guys With Their Friends


There's actually a test for this, called the Bechdel test.

If a woman has a conversation with another woman about something that isn't a man, then the movie passes the test.

25. The Matching PJs


Sure, yes, there do exist some women in real life who throw on sexy tank tops and booty shorts to go to bed.

But most of them wear a ratty T-shirt and PJ bottoms.

26. Pillow Fights At Sleepovers


Personally, I've never been invited to a women's only sleepover, so I wouldn't know what goes down.

However, from my research, I've found that they don't have pillow fights.

27. Randomly Making Out


There are some women who, at parties or otherwise, will experiment.

However, most of the time in movies it's at a man's request that two women make out. This doesn't happen often IRL.

28. Women In Movies Never Eat At Restaurants


You could probably chalk this down to the fact that they have to do a lot of takes of the same scene, so not eating may make it easier.

But women in real life do, in fact, enjoy eating.

29. Random Bathtub Stuff


Again, not really watching a lot of women bathe here, but be honest ladies: do you really do that thing where you almost completely submerge yourself only to stare up at the ceiling?

30. Using Electronics In The Bath


And wait, do you actually use your phone while you bathe? Isn't that a hazard or something?

Is it just the movies, or do women in real life actually have a death wish?

31. The Clothing Montage


Cannot confirm if this is real or not, but I've been to Forever 21 once or twice in my life and never have I seen someone come out with different wacky outfits while "Walking On Sunshine" plays.

32. Women Never Have Jobs To Support Their Beautiful Apartments


Looking at you, Rachel Green.

Seriously, how did a waitress pay half the rent for that glorious apartment she and Monica lived in? Was Monica picking up most of the slack?