10+ 'It Chapter Two' Behind-The-Scenes Secrets That Fans Should Know

Yes, now that the final installment in the IT series is out, here are all the things you should know about it.

We promise none of these facts are as scary as the movie.

1. The Kid Actors Were De-Aged


Obviously, it's been a while since the last movie and the problem with kids is that they age pretty quickly.

So, some of them (especially Finn Wolfhard) needed CGI to de-age them.

2. Their voices were also raised


Once again, puberty is a real b-word, so the editors and/or producers also had to pitch the voices of the kids up a bunch to make them seem as young as the first movie.

3. Mrs. Kersh's Freeze


There's one part in both the movie and the trailer where this old woman does a really creepy freeze.

This wasn't achieved with CGI or anything, just the actress doing a great job!

4. Pennywise's Secluded Tent


In order to psyche himself up for being Pennywise, Bill Skarsgård got his own tent where he could go and presumably be all creepy all by himself.

That just makes this creepier!

5. Bill Skarsgård would Skype with his brothers while in makeup

When he wasn't being weird in a tent all alone, Bill Skarsgård would often Skype one of his brothers in full makeup.

Hey, it probably took a long time to get it on!

6. All The Fake Blood


Guess how many gallons of fake blood was used in the scene where the grown-up Beverly is trapped in a bathroom stall.

Did you guess 6,500? Because that's how much it was! It broke records, even!

7. Skarsgård's makeup and costume unit


They were lovingly (and to us, probably creepily) called The Pennywise Unit.

Hm... possibly a good name for a House/Metal band, if there ever was such a thing. It probably exists.

8. Chastian's Gifts

For the wonderful time she had on set with the entire cast, she gave everyone (kids and adults included) engraved boxes with the word "Losers" on it.

It even had a V carved over the S!

9. Andy Muschietti Got Pennywise's Teeth

After they were done filming, Bill Skarsgård gave director Andy Muschietti Pennywise's fake teeth as a gift. And the director described it as a ["ritual'}( which doesn't at all sound creepy.

Not one bit.

10. Jeremy Ray Taylor grew a whole bunch


The kid who plays Ben (the, uh, bigger kid) Jeremy Ray Taylor, actually got a whole lot bigger (but not in that way) between movies.

He grew a whole 9 inches!

11. Finn Wolfhard loves the Losers club


He claims that he and the cast are all best friends now, which is probably something that happens after you spend so much time with a group of people.

Especially when you make art with them.

12. The Pomeranian


Well this part might go over some people's heads, especially if they haven't seen the movie.

But there's a part where Richie and Eddie's adult versions see a Pomeranian, and their reactions are all improvised.

13. Two Scenes Were Added By Stephen King


One scene in particular is when a young Richie is chased by Paul Bunyan.

Apparently, according to Muschietti, Stephen King really likes Paul Bunyan. Maybe he'll be the villain in the newest book!

14. It Only Shows Up Every 27 years...


And both the release dates for It and It 2 add up to 27.

It 2: 09/06/2019 (9+6+2+0+1+9 = 27)

It: 09/08/2017 (9+8+2+0+1+7 = 27).

Could this just be a coincidence? I think we both know It's not.