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People Think Lindsay Lohan Just Tried To Flirt With Liam Hemsworth On Instagram

Lindsay Lohan is going after her man!

Or is she...?

That's the question being asked on social media right now as people think Lohan just publically flirted with the newly-single Liam Hemsworth.

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to odd AF moments on social media.

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Like that time she tried to "rescue" refugee children from their parents in an Instagram video.

She ended up getting hit by the kid's mother when she tried to reach out to one of the boys.

“I’m like in shock right now, I’m just like so scared,” she said at the end of the video.

Her latest odd moment on social media has to do with the Hemsworth brothers.


Right now, Liam and Chris are on a vacation in Australia.

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Chris has been sharing pics of their adventures on social media.

The boys have been hanging with Chris's wife, Elsa Pataky and several other friends.

While in their country down under, they've been doing fun things like surfing and visiting Bryon Bay.

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They've also been spotted walking around the Australian town where Chris currently resides with his fam.

Lindsay's comment appeared on this reposted image of the two brothers on E! New's Instagram account.

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They captioned it with pretty much the hardest question ever:

“It’s an age old debate: Chris or Liam Hemsworth? GO!”

Lindsay ignored the question and commented this instead:

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She's currently in Australia filming The Masked Singer.

Now, people are questioning whether or not LiLo was flirting.

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If so, her attempts at seduction would be towards Liam, since Chris is happily married and has kids with Elsa.

It has led to all sorts of hilarious reactions online, such as "get it girl!" or "shoot your shot!"

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A few proposed going with Lindsay to meet the handsome Hemsworth boys.

Um, if that's the case, count us in also!

Others find Lindsay's comment super strange. "Seriously lol wtf is her deal" one wrote.

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"Leave our boys alone!" another said.

Lindsay's comment is coming at quite the opportune time since Liam is currently going through a divorce with Miley Cyrus.

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Liam confirmed the sad news with this image of a sunset on Instagram.

He wrote that they were separated and that he wishes "her nothing but health and happiness going forward."

Sadly, things have escalated since then, as Liam has officially filed for divorce.

Instagram | @liamhemsworth

On top of that, Miley released a song called "Slide Away," which many believe is about Liam's heavy partying.

She's also been spending lots of time with Kaitlynn Carter, Brody Jenner's ex.

On the other hand — and just hear us out for a sec — could Lindsay's comment just be her trying to be nice?

Maybe she just wants to talk Liam through his recent breakup to Miley Cyrus?

And if not and she is, in fact, "shooting her shot," who can blame her? Liam is hawwt.

What do you think?

Do you think Lindsay is trying to make her and Liam Hemsworth happen?

If so, wouldn't that be so fetch?