These Mom And Baby Costumes Are Perfect For Trick-or-Treating Without A Stroller

Don't get me wrong: strollers are amazing. They definitely make parents' lives easier, but there are times when a stroller just won't cut it. Say, for example, when you're going trick-or-treating. Sorry, stroller, but we know you won't be able to navigate all those porches.

Looking for a way to score treats and costume points this Halloween with your baby?

Party City

Party City might just have the perfect option for you with these genius mom and baby costumes.

This deep-sea diver costume comes with accessories to dress up your baby carrier.

Party City

The carrier isn't included, so you can use whichever brand works best for you.

It also comes with a diver's mask for mom. Then just wear black clothes and you're all set!

If diving isn't your thing, the line also has this hilarious chef and lobster version.

Party City

Seeing that little baby lobster is too funny!

This costume also comes with all the baby carrier accessories, and a chef's hat for mom.

Party City

Now you can trick-or-treat with your little one and be the envy of all the other moms out there. I love these!