Tiny 'Tattoo' Onesies Makes Babies Look Like Rock Stars

Being a new parent means that you're given a lot of baby clothes from friends and family. The number of pastel ensembles you'll receive can seem overwhelming, and many parents wish there was a badass alternative. Well, we might have just found it with these onesies.

By nature, baby clothes are adorable.

Unsplash | Christian Fickinger

It's hard to imagine that anything could ever wear something so small. Don't even get me started on the little socks.

But, let's be real: They aren't the coolest clothes out there.

Unsplash | Baby Natur

Baby clothes tend to come in a lot of pastel colors and feature cute animals or designs. That's fine, but sometimes you just want something a little edgier.

Have you wondered how adorable it would be if your baby suddenly got inked?


I guess it's not a question that comes across most parents' minds, but if it was, these tattoo onesies would be the perfect answer.

These onesies are made by the online baby store, Weslio.


They feature mesh sleeves with a tattoo pattern that gives the illusion of real tattoos. Definitely had me fooled there for a minute.

The onesies retail for about $25.


You know you already have a ton of cute baby clothes with animals and flowers on them. Time to turn baby's wardrobe up a notch.

There are three different styles to choose from.


The onesies come in white, gray, and black making them perfect for all future rock stars. Rock on, babies!

And, since babies grow at super-human speed, the shirts are also available in toddler and kid sizes.


Once your little one has outgrown their onesie, pick up the toddler shirt to keep the good times going.

The toddler and child sizes range from 2T-7.


They retail on the site for $28.99... I'm definitely adding a few to my cart.

Like the onesies, they come in a few different styles.


Including this red shirt with a "Born To Be Wild" tattoo design. Ha, ha, that phrase is weirdly appropriate for most toddlers I know.

Online, parents have been loving these tattoo-inspired shirts.


Both the onesies and shirts have five-star reviews on the site.

Will you be turning your baby into a little rock star?

You've got to get them on the right foot at a young age!