Tom Cruise's 'Mission: Impossible' Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Stunt Goes Viral

Oh yes, and what could it be for? Did Tom Cruise yell at a P.A? Did Simon Pegg mail used condoms to his castmates?

There's only one way to find out!

Ever since it came out last year, people have been all over 'Mission Impossible: Fallout'.


When Tom Cruise woke up in the vault with his baby gone and the world destroyed, everyone was– what's that?

Oh. Wrong Fallout.

There were a lot of really cool action scenes in this action movie that had people on the edge of their seats though.

One example of awesomeness was the 'Halo Jump' scene.


Where Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill's characters jump out of a plane.

It was intense, it was high action, it was everything you'd want from a scene where some characters jump from a plane.

Well, recently, they came out with a video about how it was shot.

You can see it in the tweet below, in a side by side comparison.

One side shows what you saw and the other showed the cameraman actually filming it. Astounding.

It gives us some insight into the magic of movie making.


And it also shows how intense a cameraman's job really can be.

Sure, Tom Cruise might not mind doing his own stunts, but imagine you showed up for work one day and your boss said: "Hey buddy, can you clean out the storage room and oh, we need you to jump from a plane".

Actually, that might be pretty cool.