Fans Are Loving Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Instagram Post To Norman Reedus

Wow, look at the camaraderie between these two men.

Just goes to show that if you work together for X amount of years on a project so big, you can become really good friends.

We all love 'The Walking Dead'.

Instagram | @jeffreydeanmorgan

And their ratings reflect that. But how could you not love it?

There's drama, a cast of characters that are always on the verge of death and some great relationships between them.

But you know who has better relationships than the characters?

Instagram | @jeffreydeanmorgan

The people that play them.

It's standard for people who have been working on a series long enough together to be friends. I mean, just look at the girls from Friends!

But we're not here to talk about the 'Friends' friends.


We're here to talk about Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus, two members of The Walking Dead's cast that are really good pals.

How do we know that they're good pals?

Because of this Instagram post.

Recently Norman was nominated for two people's choice awards, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan just poured his heart out with how proud of him he was.

Seriously, read the caption, it'll make your heart melt!