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Six-Year-Old Becomes Sensation For Going To A Princess Party As A Hot Dog

I don't know at what age kids unlearn how to just be themselves no matter what, but once it's gone and they're into the stage of chasing what's "cool" and trying to fit in, it's hard to get back. So, you really have to appreciate the kids who are in that zone.

Six-year-old Ainsley is absolutely rocking that phase, and if there's any doubt, she put it to rest in a sensational fashion.

The kids in Ainsley's dance class in North Carolina were encouraged to wear princess outfits one week. Ainsley showed up dressed as a hot dog.

Needless to say, her teachers and her classmates alike were impressed with her bold style.

"We all needed a leader to say, 'Hey, be yourself,'" the school's director, Marilyn Chappell told HuffPost. "How cool is it that a little girl in a hot dog costume is sending out that message?"

It is extremely cool.

And all Ainsley was doing was wearing her favorite costume. That attitude got her invited to dance on stage with older students during a recital — and of course, she wore her hot dog costume. She's pretty attached to it.

"As we were leaving the stage, and heading back to her parents, I said 'Ainsley, you're welcome to take off your costume and sit in your regular clothes,'" Chappell recalled. "And she said, 'No, I'd rather stay in my hot dog costume.'"

It didn't take long for Ainsley, bearing a streak of mustard down her front, to become an online sensation.

As the pictures of her rocking out made the rounds of the internet, a hashtag started up, #hotdogprincess.

Someone even made a hot dog princess in Legos inspired by her!

Ainsley has, indeed, proven to be a role model housands. Not bad for a six-year-old!

h/t: HuffPost