'Friends' Monopoly Lets You Play As Your Favorite Characters' Iconic Items

Friends is turning a quarter century old this year. Wow! That has me feeling pretty old, not gonna lie. However, this is a huge occasion worth celebrating, and many brands are honoring its birthday in big ways.

If you can't make it out to New York to check out the Friends apartment pop up, or you don't have an exuberant amount of money to deck out your whole apartment in Friends gear from Pottery Barn, then having a chill board game night with a Friends edition of Monopoly might just be the perfect way to celebrate.

Monopoly always comes out with the best editions, and this 'Friends' one is no exception.


Its Friends edition puts a fun spin on the classic game pieces and game board instructions, all Friends-ified.

Each square on the board game itself has also been been a 'Friends' update.

Instagram | @wreckitrach30

Instead of real estate, you collect specific episodes, like Pheobe getting married, and you can also advance to places, like Joey's boat or the apartment.

First, the pieces are all iconic items to reflect each character.


So, you can go as Phoebe's guitar, Monica's chef hat, Rachel's favorite handbag, New York Pizza for Joey, Chandler's sweater vest, and a dinosaur to represent Ross' love of dinosaurs!

So, gather all your 'Friends' and play a game of 'Friends' monopoly to


You can get it off Amazon for $48.65.