'Peaky Blinders' Left Viewers With Questions After Death Cliffhanger

Yes, that's right, we know you're waiting with bated breath Peaky Blinders fans. And goodness, the questions you must have!

Your brains must be on the verge of exploding, you're so darn curious!



This should almost go without saying, but we're going to talk about a major cliffhanger in the recent season of Peaky Blinders.

So if you don't want it spoiled then move along.

Are they gone?



Well, we know that Arthur came home and brutally beat the heck out of a man because he had been comforting his wife in his absence. Arthur is what we call a "Chad".

So, obviously Linda was pretty shocked.


So she goes to this gala to kill her husband, and right when she's about to do the deed she's shot by Aunt Polly.

Well, there's a major death...

And here's the cliffhanger...

We don't know if Polly is actually dead or not. The episode ended before it could be determined.

The question is: What is Linda going to do if she survives? What's the family going to do?