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Corgi-Husky Mixes Look Like Huskies Disguised As Corgis, And It's Wild

Corgis are so cute. They're like little happy smiling potato dumplings, and they've got the whole world obsessed. I mean, they are royalty after all.

What's even more amazing about corgis is that, when mixed with other breeds, they just look like corgi-fied versions of those breeds. It's wild. And corgi-husky mixes are on a whole other level.

This is not a miniature husky you see.

Instagram | @sakarithecorgihusky

Well, actually. On second thought, it kind of is.

It's a corgi-husky mix, and it looks exactly like a husky, just corgi-fied.

Reddit | Noodle_gramp

These doggos are truly amazing and elicit so many "awwwws!" upon immediate glance.

It looks like a corgi that's using a husky filter on Snapchat.

Instagram | @a_xena_tenez

Husky face, but rocking the same potato-like bod.

Regardless, they are still just as cute as a purebred corgi and totally deserve the same love.

Instagram | @danielles__dogs

I wonder if they shed as much as huskies?

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