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'Nightmare Before Christmas' Night Light Is What Halloween Dreams Are Made Of

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic Tim Burton movie. While it is a seasonal movie for both Halloween and Christmas, its quirky and spooky elements make it the perfect cartoon to turn into cute Halloween decor.

Zero is arguably the cutest ghost dog we ever did see, so it's only fitting that he's turned into the sweetest mood lamp to whisk you into dreamland.

Alright friends, Halloween is coming up very soon.

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At this point, you might already be discussing Halloween celebration plans, or what costume you might want to wear.

Most likely, you're hitting up HomeGoods and Michaels for the best Halloween decor.

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And if you're not, you're missing out. They seriously have the cutest and most diverse and affordable Halloween decor.

I mean, just look at those Halloween doggie dish towels! Need.

If you're anything like me, then you might also be queuing up your fave Halloween flicks.

Some people love classic horror movies, or just scary movies in general.

But I prefer the light-hearted spooky films, like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown.

But, the ultimate Halloween classic we cannot forget is 'The Nightmare Before Christmas.'


I feel like we all grew up on this classic Tim Burton claymation classic.

We all fell in love with Jack and Sally's love story and all the creepy, quirky, exaggerated, and cute characters.


How could you forget Oogie Boogie sort of haunting your real nightmares, the mayor with his huge smile, the evil scientist that was also like a duck/person hybrid, and all the other kooky characters.

Not to mention, the songs are absolutely addictive.

This is Halloween...

Zero is arguably the absolute cutest character, however.

He just wants his owner, Jack Skellington, to play fetch with him and his rib bone.

I would play with you, Zero!

A play on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Zero has a jack-o'-lantern nose that lights up.

FANDOM | The Nightmare Before Christmas

Ah! So cute.

If you're as obsessed with Zero as I am, then this Zero mood lamp from online gift store Box Lunch is perfect.

Box Lunch

The lamp is perfect as a night light for a child's bedroom or in a living room to complete the rest of your Nightmare Before Christmas collection.

And 'Nightmare Before Christmas' merch and decor is just so easy to collect.

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It's spooky, it's cute, and both kids and adults love it.

The lamp fully lights up the smiling Zero in a calm white light.

Box Lunch

It's made with LED lights and has a 10 minute auto shut off, so hopefully you or your children fall asleep pretty fast!

This is a great piece to whip out for Christmas, too.

Box Lunch

We love a multi-functional piece! If you do too, pick up your own for $22.90 off Box Lunch's website.

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