This Company Turns Children's Drawings Into Custom, Cuddly Toys

Children's imagination can be so amazing. Remember when you were a kid and you did all kinds of drawings of monsters or magical creatures? What if you could have that drawing turned into a real stuffed toy you could play with?

That's exactly what one company called Budsies is doing. They're turning kids' imaginations into toys. And the results are not only adorable but pretty accurate.

What I love about this idea is the fact that the toys are pretty much life-size replicas of the kid's drawing.

They're not trying to make them any different.

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The company originally came about from an idea the founder, Alex Furmansky, had when he saw his sister's drawing.

He thought it would be fun to turn it into a toy.

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So he borrowed his sister's drawing and had it turned into a real stuffed toy.

That's how the first Budsie was born. And many more ideas soon followed.

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How amazing that, now, a child's imagination can be captured in such a special way.

And they end up with a memory they can cherish forever. I love this idea.

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You know you're doing something right when kids have this reaction when they open the package and see the life-size version of their drawing.

This is so precious.

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Budsies have been putting smiles on children's faces since the company started in 2013.

They have been a great comfort, especially to those kids faced with illnesses or hospital visits.

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What started out as a children's project has now evolved to Budsies made into author's book characters, sport team mascots and even toys resembling the people themselves.

How interesting.

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Pretty much anyone can now order a Budsie that looks like their favorite drawing or even a portrait of themselves.

Which also makes it a great gift idea.

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People even started requesting Budsies in the likeness of their furry friends so a side project called Petsies was born.

Now Fido can be a stuffed animal, too.

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Ha, ha, ha, isn't this the most adorable thing ever?

I would love to have a Petsie in the likeness of my dog that passed away a long time ago.

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OMG, my dog was a cocker spaniel too so these ones hold a special place in my heart.

This is making me want to get one for myself.

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Apparently, there have already been over 76,000 Budsies made with orders coming in from more than 60 countries.

Wow, I say that's quite the accomplishment for this awesome company.

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It must be quite the experience to receive such a surprise like this.

I bet many kids have been amazed at how accurate these toys are when they get them.

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What do you think of this idea?


I think this is the most unique thing I've seen in a while. This would make an awesome gift for so many.

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