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This Magnificent Home In West Virginia Displays 3,000 Carved Pumpkins Every Halloween

Some people go absolutely all out for Halloween. They make their houses look like the most magical rustic fall abodes, and some turn their front lawns into mini haunted houses to really spook trick-or-treaters.

One Halloween house in West Virginia sure takes the cake when it comes to Halloween decorating.

This is the 'Pumpkin House,' located in Kenova, West Virginia, and aptly named after its extravagant decor.

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And if you're in the area it won't be hard to find at all, considering its lit with 3,000 jack-o'-lanterns.

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It's owned by the former Kenova mayor Ric Griffith, who started off with a mere four pumpkins, increasing the number to represent each resident of the town.

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He's basically like Kenova's very own Clark Griswold, lighting up the whole neighborhood.

Each fall, the town hosts the C-K AutumnFest, with the Pumpkin House taking center stage for everyone to ogle at.

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There's no way he does all the gutting and carving the pumpkins on his own — Ric relies on a gang of volunteers who are eager to pitch in.

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He and his daughter draw the designs, adorned with characters, faces, and many more, younger children and teens gut the pumpkins, and adults carve them.

It truly is a team effort!

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It's no wonder the old Victorian home draws over 30,000 visitors from all over each year — it's really quite a site to see!


Ric proves he really is the Pumpkin King.

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