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Parents Are Outraged Over 'Lingerie' Designs On LOL Surprise Dolls That Appear In Cold Water

Many parents strive to ensure that our children are kept safe and secure. When we expose them to the world, we want to make sure that they are protected from inappropriate conversations, people, and things. This can be difficult when the inappropriate item in question is a toy that was made for children.

That is exactly what is happening right now as parents speak out on social media over popular LOL Surprise Dolls.

Recently, parents have been discovering that some toys have some inappropriate mannerisms and designs.

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Earlier this month, a mom went viral online after discovering that a Hasbro doll had a button that was placed in an "inappropriate" spot for young children. The video went viral across social media.

The Poppy doll from the popular kid's film franchise 'Trolls' was later pulled from the shelves.

The Poppy doll featured a button in between Poppy's legs that kids would push for her to sing, giggle, and make any noise. While the company said the button was intended to work when the doll was in a sitting position, parents were concerned that this was "grooming" children to enjoy being touched inappropriately.

The video went viral across social media in the wake of many parents discussing child trafficking and child grooming.

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There have been renewed concerns from parents online who are outspoken about child trafficking and grooming. Many have even spoken out about the influence of this problem in society in realms like politics and the media.

Now, moms are speaking out against another toy brand for having subliminal "sexual" messages for young girls.

Moms across social media are now talking about LOL Surprise Dolls. LOL Surprise Dolls are small dolls that have unique features. They come with clothes, accessories, and some even have hidden features.

The "surprise" aspect of their name comes from the fact that you have to unbox the dolls to see which one you'll get. Parents don't know which doll they are getting until they open the package.

Some of the LOL Surprise Dolls actually change the color or their outfits when they're put in water.

To continue gaining popularity, the LOL Surprise Doll makers included unique and interesting features for the dolls so that kids would want to continue buying them. Some of these newer features are causing a commotion with parents.

One mom discovered that when you placed a LOL Surprise Doll in cold water, some disturbing images appear.

Parents reported that there were "symbols" that appeared on the dolls arms and back. Some of the dolls even had "clothing" appear that looked a lot like lingerie.

Another Instagram user showcased how the dolls change in water via video.


The Instagram video posted online showed two different dolls. The first one had symbols appear down her arm and a pizza symbol on her back. The mom assumed it had to do with the viral "pizzagate" scandal in politics.

One mom who was skeptical about the claims about the dolls online even did a Facebook Live to find out for herself.

Facebook | Hilary Williams

Hilary Williams grabbed her daughter's LOL Surprise Dolls and a bucket of cold water to see what would happen when she submerged them. Sure enough, the dolls developed designs including a black, strappy swimsuit and "tattoos" that featured a devil's tail.

Parents on Twitter began sharing their own videos, too, after the first videos went viral.

Moms discovered soon that many of the dolls begin to develop heavy makeup, fishnet stockings, and other lingerie items when they are dipped in water. Many are concerned that these are inappropriate styles for young children.

The videos online have gained tons of traction from parents and other parenting groups on social media.

Some parents are saying it's, "grooming young girls to want to wear this kind of clothing." The majority of the concerns express that the doll's outfits are too racy and mature for young children.

The company behind LOL Surprise Dolls has responded to the criticism.

"We acknowledge the recent feedback received and thank you for bringing it to our attention. We have implemented comprehensive corrective measures to our design and approval process while ensuring the essence of the brand is kept intact," a spokesperson said.

The company has not said if they plan on fixing or recalling the dolls.

In the meantime, outraged parents are continuing to express concern through social media. Two petitions demanding the dolls be removed from stores have also been started.