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The World’s First Cheese Conveyor Belt Restaurant Is Officially Open

Cheese—without it where would we be? Probably a little healthier, but would it really be worth it? No, no it would not.

There is something about that fattening malleable food that is just unavoidably fantastic, and one restaurant has taken its love of cheese to a new level.

Pick & Cheese (as the restaurant is appropriately called) has created the world's first cheese conveyor belt.

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It is essentially a sushi bar, except there is no sushi, just cheese with a side of cheese and extra cheese for with your cheese - and maybe a few fine Italian meats thrown in there for good measure.

Truly, it is not the restaurant we deserve, but the one we need.

Pick & Cheese was opened by the creators of Camden Cheese Bar.

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You probably gathered that these people like their cheese. The restaurant recently opened up in London's Covent Garden area (sorry America) and brings dishes of over 25 fine cheeses to its occupants via a 40 meter long conveyor belt.

The restaurant has garnered mass attention for its pioneering cheese conveyor belt.

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Although the belt itself is not made of cheese—definitely not something I thought when I first heard about this place - the restaurant does offer a wide array of items from its charcuterie, an selection of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, and accouterments to go with each cheese on the belt.

The restaurant's founder said that he wanted to show his love for British cheeses.

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In an interview with the Evening Standard, founder Matthew Carver said, "We wanted to showcase British cheese at its best, while giving our customers the opportunity to hand-pick their cheese from our house list.

"We hope Pick & Cheese will make amazing produce even more accessible, and help change the perception of what a cheese and wine bar has to be."

The location is sure to be frequented by food lovers and insufferable food photography lovers everywhere.

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In the world where the hipster rules supreme and vacuous Instagram celebrities take photos of food for more money than it's healthy to imagine, it is hard to imagine that an accessible yet high-quality wine and cheese bar in London will be anything other than a resounding success.

The newly opened Pick & Cheese resides in an old banana storage building.

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Pick & Cheese will only be one of around 28 food traders which will occupy the KERB Seven Dials Market located inside an old banana storage building.

If this is just one of them, lord knows what treats the other 27 have to offer!