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Hostess Teased Peanut Butter & Pickle Twinkies And People Don't Know What To Think

America's food and snack engineers have plenty of experience with experimentation while trying to create the next great taste sensation to sweep the nation. You have to be willing to take some risks if you want to find the perfect wedge that will force appetites away from current favorites and over to your spot on the store shelves.

But are the taste makers going too far?

The latest entry making us wonder comes from Hostess.

They have some downright perfect offerings. Ding Dongs are delicious, and Twinkies are legendary. You can't go wrong either way, right?

But they've got folks chatting quite a bit since teasing an unlikely flavor pairing on Twitter: peanut butter & pickle sandwich Twinkies.

Now, there's no real indication so far that they're actually planning on making such an odd concoction.

This could simply be their way of using a mock-up to gauge interest if they were to put their snack manufacturing hardware to work on the one lunch treat no child would have to worry about having stolen at school.

Or they could just be having fun with us and getting some press. In which case, well done.

If indeed they were trying to figure out if people want peanut butter and pickles in their Twinkies, folks on Twitter didn't waste any time letting them know.

And the answer was a resounding, robust, and incredibly firm 'No thank you.' It would seem that the world is not ready for peanut butter and pickle Twinkies.

But if it was all in the name of fun, they haven't fessed up just yet.

Maybe their social media folks are all still laughing into their Ding Dongs at our reactions. It's hard to say for sure.

So, who knows? Maybe we'll actually have to walk past these as we grocery shop.

Or...would you buy them? Some folks do enjoy a good pickle and peanut butter sandwich!

What do you think?