Jimmy Fallon Wants To Set Up Chris Evans And Brie Larson

Yes, yes, we all know we shouldn't ship real-life people together.

But stay with me folks, this is just for fun, and it's cute, and it's from one of Jimmy Fallon's games, so it's all in good fun.

Before we get into the fun of Jimmy Fallon's game, let's take a look at the celebs we're talking about.

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And that dazzling duo is Chris Evans and Brie Larson!

Chris Evans is best known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


For 10 years he has graced our screens by playing one of the most iconic characters of all time.

Brie Larson is an Oscar winning actress.

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She won for her portrayal of Ma in the movie Room.

So she was already super successful before she joined the MCU.

Then she joined Marvel as Carol Danvers, better known as Captain Marvel.


And she shone brilliantly, literally and metaphorically, in the movie.

I personally can't wait to see what she does with the sequel!

And as of right now, they are both single.

Brie Larson spends her time working, playing music, and posting photos of her amazing outfits on Instagram.

Chris Evans spends his time in other ways.

He is also working, but also spends a lot of time in Washington, gearing up to launch his political website.

He also likes to please his fans by posting photos of his dog.

He adopted his dog, Dodger, on the set of Gifted.

It was love at first sight!

And we do know that Brie Larson loves dogs too!

So instead of only talking about their jobs with Marvel, they can talk about dogs!

Which honestly, is the best thing to talk about.

The two haven't been seen in public much together.


But their close proximity thanks to Marvel has already worked its way into the hearts of fans everywhere.

And one of those fans is Jimmy Fallon himself!

He thinks that the two should become a couple because they would look beautiful standing next to each other.

Which is pretty fair.

Jimmy Fallon played a game, and when asked what celeb couple he wanted to set up, he said Brie Larson and Chris Evans!

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And let it be known that they would definitely be the best looking couple in Hollywood.

And they already have some chemistry!

Remember that time Brie Larson knew what his butt looked like right away?

She begged her other co-stars not to tell him, but that probably didn't work out since they saw each other that same week for the Avengers: Endgame premiere.

And here they are at that premiere!

Instagram | @brielarson

I wonder if that's what they're talking about in this photo.

Either way, this photo is just too cute. You can't deny that!

You can watch the moment here!

It starts around 4:20, and it's actually really funny, so enjoy the video.

I suggest watching the whole thing because the entire game is pretty hilarious!

What do you think?

Would they make a cute couple? I think they would, plus it would be cool to see two Captains together!

Let us know what you think in the comments!