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Video Of Adam Sandler Getting Yelled At By A Total Stranger Is Going Viral

Adam Sandler came to Toronto's International Film Festival to promote his new film, Uncut Gems, not get yelled at.

Sadly, the latter happened and now the very strange video is going viral.

Right now, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is going down and it's brought out all sorts of celebs.

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This includes Neve Campbell, Sarah Paulson, Nicholas Cage, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lopez, and Jamie Dornan.

Even Tom Hanks is in Canada Land right now.

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He was recently lured out to a coffee shop called Grinder Coffee, thanks to the shop's brilliant social marketing campaign.

The same campaign worked last year on Ryan Gosling who came out for a cup o' Joe.

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They got both Hanks and Gosling there by posting life-size cardboard cutout of the actors.

On social media, they would post daily witty references to their films.

Brilliant social media marketing at its best!

Another celeb in town for TIFF is funnyman Adam Sandler, who's promoting his new film, "Uncut Gems."

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Hello Magazine reported that he's been spotted at several celebrity TIFF parties.

What we would give to be invited to one of those!

He's also been a true gem by taking the time to interact with fans.

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This means making a cool guy appearance in a ton of Instagram selfies.

Including this not-so-expertly shot selfie.

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Even though there's only a sliver of this fan's face, we're sure he'll still frame it.

Plus, you've got that lady photobombing it in the back! Maybe she'll frame it, too.

So with Sandler being known for being such a good guy, why the hell is this random stranger yelling at him?!

The whole situation went down on Sunday when Sandler was in front of the Eaton Center near Younge-Dundas Square.

He was just minding his own business when a stranger came up and started yelling aggressively.

Like CHILL, rando.

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Plus, he was on the phone, so how rude.

Some fans have speculated that it's potentially a scene for an upcoming film.

It wouldn't be all that surprising since he's filmed movies in Toronto before, such as Billy Madison and Pixels.

One fan said it could be for the movie "The Cobbler"?

Whatever that is. I think we're reaching, y'all.

This isn't even the first time the actor has had weird encounters with fans.

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When speaking with Jennifer Lawrence about encounters with fans, the Just Go With It actor said that he sometimes gets older guys his age wanting to get a picture.

To avoid it, Sandler would tell them, "you don't really want that, do you?"

Fans were even worried for the actor when he appeared on "The Graham Norton Show" looking thinner than usual.

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They also picked apart what he was wearing, as one person on Twitter wrote that he looked like he was stepping out of a "wedding reception."

Coupled with his weird behavior of touching the other celeb guests on set, the interview had fans bewildered.

They wondered if he was drunk or perhaps jetlagged from a long flight.

Despite that weird TV moment, no one can deny that Adam is a good guy — one that doesn't deserve to be heckled in the street.

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Despite being uber-rich and uber-famous, he's still that same kinda awkward, humble, funny guy that he's always been—and we love him for never changing.

If nothing else, perhaps the stranger was yelling at Sandler for making "Jack and Jill"?

...Sorry, had to go there!

Either way, his film Uncut Gems premieres tonight, so hopefully, his interactions with fans will go better!

Still, it must suck to get yelled at, especially right before your birthday..

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Yep, this incident went down right before Adam's 53rd birthday. What a way to celebrate!

(Maybe the guy was yelling "happy birthday" to him? No? Probably not?)

Obviously, Adam celebrated in style.

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In a rare glimpse into the nitty-gritty world of his marriage, Adam shared this picture on Instagram with the caption, "My wife got me a hat."

And it looks great.

He was yelled at in the comments too — but this time from people actually wishing him a happy birthday.

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Comments from co-stars like Michelle Monaghan ("Happy Birthday ya rascal! And I miss you!!!!!! "), television networks like Nickelodeon ("Sweet hat. Happy birthday!!!") and even former Fifth Harmony members like Ally Brooke ("HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!!!")

TIFF has not been kind to celebrities this year.

Not only was Adam Sandler yelled at, but Jennifer Lopez caught an earful too.

I know, I know — she's Jennifer Lopez, what could she have possibly done?

The answer is, of course, "wear fur."

While walking down the red carpet for her new movie Hustlers, Jennifer Lopez (not currently wearing fur) was yelled at by a group of animal rights protesters.

"JLO HATES ANIMALS," read one sign the protestors held, reportedly.

Other signs read, "‘Stop wearing fur Jennifer Lopez, stop wearing fox fur" and "Shame on you J. Lo for wearing fur."

"You have blood on your hands," yelled one protester.

Jennifer didn't seem too fazed by the protesters and has yet to acknowledge the incident in interviews or on social media.

Something tells me the man yelling at Adam Sandler wasn't doing so on behalf on animal rights.

But who knows? Maybe Adam Sandler has an extensive fur collection the rest of us just aren't privy to. Either way, let's try to yell at people less in the streets, okay? Even when they're celebrities.