This City Built An Entire Town Of Free Houses For Homeless Veterans

A lot of people see a disconnect between the way that US veterans risk their lives for the safety and freedom of their country, and how our country thanks them in return.

Those who have experienced the atrocities of war are bound to need additional resources for physical ailments and psychological trauma, but far too often, help for our veterans ends as soon as they're back on home soil.

Veterans are much more likely to have a trauma-related mental illness than the average US citizen.

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As a result, problems such as addiction and homelessness are prominent issues within veteran communities.

Those who have served our country should arguably be getting more help and resources for these issues because of their statistical frequency, not less.

Kansas City, Missouri has been working for two years to address veteran homelessness in their communities.

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Locals have finally finished the Veterans Community Project: a community of thirteen tiny homes specifically made for homeless veterans to live in for free.

There are a total of four family units and nine single units, all with fully functional electrical, hydro, and plumbing.

The project will also fund a number of free classes for those who live in the community.

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These include lessons on how to "manage finances, cook, stay healthy, and overcome substance abuse," explained City Council.

The plan is to build an additional 19 homes during phase two of the project, finishing the tiny town off with a marvelous community center.

The Veterans Community Project was officially finished last week, and unveiled at a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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"One of the vets was sitting out there last week, watching the houses get built and was in tears," explained Mark Solomon, one of the members of the project. "Literally just crying about the fact that he was going to be moving into one of these houses. That’s real. That’s what makes this all worth it."

"It’s a ton of time and a ton of effort, but we’re gonna be able to help these people."


Kansas city natives and volunteers alike gathered for the ceremony and shared their thoughts on the project with Fox4

"This is awesome," one person exclaimed. "So happy for the veterans receiving these blessings!"

"So proud to have volunteered with them and witnessed the growth of this organization from the beginning."

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However, a number of community members had concerns regarding how thorough the resources of the project would be.

"How are these VETS selected?" one person asked. "I don’t want to see a good thing to waste."

"How are you dealing immediately with the mental health issues?" another inquired. "A house won’t fix those. Mentors onsite?"

The Veterans Community Project isn't a cure-all for veteran homelessness, but it's a step in the right direction.

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Initiatives such as this are extremely important in an overall increase in quality of life for those who return home from service. Progress may seem slow, but it is still progress.

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