Carol And Daryl Are The "Emotional Core" For Season 10 Of 'The Walking Dead'

Oh yes, fans of two of the best characters in The Walking Dead start to rejoice, because these two are going to be featured a whole bunch in the new season!

Gear up for Season 10 of 'The Walking Dead', folks!


Because it's coming and it's going to be a doozy.

However, with the departures of Rick and Maggie, it seems that the emotional core of the story is going to switch to Daryl and Carol.

Show runner Angela Kang has said there will be lots of scenes with these two.


And she also teased that they may be a little more than friends in an interview:

"There’s an emotional core between the two of them that helps us understand the human toll of this story."

Let's try and decode that last sentence.


"Emotional Core"... could that mean that they develop a relationship beyond just being pals?

They've flirted in the past, and Carol all but left Ezekiel, so maybe she's back on the market?

But there's two words in that sentence that scare fans the most.


And those are: "human toll".

What does that mean? Are there going to be a lot of deaths in Season 10? Who else are these mad people going to kill off?