10+ Wives Who Are Experts When It Comes To Trolling Their Husbands

Usually, you would expect the husband to be the prankster of the family. Isn't that right? But it's not always the case. There are some lucky or unlucky guys whose wives are the ones that have them rolling on the floor.

Check out these pranks wives pulled on their unsuspecting husbands with real mastery.

1. OCD Revenge

This should teach him the next time he makes fun of his wife's OCD. This wife purposely mismatched all of her husband's socks. Serves him right.

2. Snack Time

This wife felt that it would be funny enough to get her husband some donuts but when he opened the package this is what he found. LOL.

3. Breakfast Time

And this wife was more than happy to oblige her husband's request of a "little something" for breakfast. And she really took that request to heart.

4. A Prank Gone Too Far

Reddit | stardude900

Talking about an epic prank. This wife actually made her husband think she brought a real coyote home with the help of Photoshop.

5. April Fool's

Reddit | Olikria

I wonder what this guy's reaction was every time someone honked at him and said, "Hi Aaron" while he was driving around. Imagine that? Hilarious.

6. Tarantula Of A Scare

Reddit | onehundredjellyfish

Wow, this wife is crazy. She actually got a shed tarantula skin so she can put it amongst the bananas to scare her husband! Whoa!

7. Did Someone Order Pizza?

Instagram | @shaneeakes

This is what happens when your wife has a better sense of humor than you do. Imagine picking up that pizza, Mr. Sexual. Ha, ha.

8. Sexy Dress

Reddit | iamlunasol

I don't think this is what he had in mind when she said she made a sexy dress. But it hit the floor fast so it worked.

9. No Help Around Here

This is what some husbands get for not emptying the diaper genie. I wonder if the wife made him sleep with it, too.

10. Never Let Your Wife Get Your Phone

Lock those phones up, guys. Unless you want your wife to post Facebook messages for you and add a period tracker app.

11. Enter At Your Own Peril

This guy should be thanking his wife because at least she's warning anyone who's about to enter their bathroom after him. Indeed.

12. Watch Your Back

This wife is so smart for always keeping her husband on his toes. After all, he'll never know when she will actually do it or not.

13. Happy Valentine's Day, Dear

And how do you like this awesome Valentine's Day cake one wife got for her husband? I don't think I can be that bold. LOL.

Kudos to these funny wives for getting back at their husbands in real style.

This shows us all that ladies have a sense of humor too. And rightfully so.