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Trader Joe's Released Everything But The Bagel Yogurt Dip, And It's Already Iconic

Bold statement, but Trader Joe's is the best place on Earth (sorry Target lovers). If I could, I would live in Trader Joe's. Honestly. There isn't one thing I hate about it.

And now, they've just released a Greek yogurt dip version of their iconic Everything But The Bagel seasoning, and I could not feel more ALIVE.

If you do not own this seasoning, you need to drop everything you're doing (after reading this article,of course) and go get you some.

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It's an actual life changing condiment.

Seriously, my third eye opened the first time I put this on scrambled eggs, and I've never turned back.

Now Trader Joe's has come out with Everything But The Bagel Greek yogurt dip, and I think I'm in heaven?

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Is this what heaven feels like? Confirm or deny.

It has all their original mouth-watering ingredients combined with creamy Greek yogurt, so you know it's healthy.

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You can literally eat everything with this stuff.

I envision is tasting the best with some cukes, carrots, and pita crisps.


People are already stocking their carts, so hurry!

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Will Trader Joe's please send me a lifetime supply? Thank you so much.

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