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First Day Of School Photo Inspired By 'Toy Story' Is Hitting Parents Right In The Feels

Since it's back to school season, social media is full of proud parents showing their kids headed back to class. Many of these kids are posing with the ever-popular chalkboard or letter board signs, but one mom decided to do something a little different.

For many parents, the first day of school is an emotional time.

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This is especially true when it's your child's first day of school ever. It makes parents realize that their babies aren't babies anymore.

One creative mom named Ashley decided to mark her daughter's first day of preschool with an emotional photo inspired by "Toy Story".

Facebook | Jill Krause

The photo was originally shared to Jill Krause's private Facebook group, Picture Play, but was re-posted to a public account where it quickly went viral.

Ashley arranged her daughter's toys to send her off to school and took this picture with her phone.

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Parents online have been loving this photo, and it's safe to say that it's been tugging at people's heartstrings.

For many people, the "Toy Story" movie perfectly captures the bittersweet experience of growing up.

That's why it was the perfect theme for this back-to-school photo! Alright, where are those tissues? I think I might need a few.

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