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Man Meets Future Wife After Years Of Placing Flowers On A Murderer's Grave

For most people, placing flowers on a loved one's grave is simply a way to connected with those who we've lost. For one Twitter user, however, what started as simply placing flowers on a loved one's grave unfolded into a truly bizarre and fantastic story!

The story was posted to Twitter by one user called "sixthformpoet".

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What started as a seemingly innocuous story about placing flowers on his father's grave quickly turned evolved into something else.

The story starts like every good story, with a death...

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Don't worry, it really does get funner... or at least weirder!

The storyteller went on to say that him, his grandparents, and his mother all went to place flowers on his father's grave.

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As his father's grave became more and more inundated with wonderful flower arrangement, however, something began to bug him. The man who was buried next to his father never seemed to have any flowers, which cause our storyteller to feel quite sorry for the deceased man.

So, like any reasonable man, our hero started buying flowers of the dead man.

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Now, you may be wondering, "What could possibly go wrong, he's just doing something nice for a dead man?"

Well, just you wait.

Sixthformpoet explained how the man came to be something of a friend over time.

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He writes: "I did this for quite some time, but I never mentioned it to anyone. It was a little private joke with myself [...] I know it sounds weird but I came to think of him as a friend."

There's nothing weird about making friends with dead people, just ask a goth!

Curiosity, however, ultimately got the better of him though.

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Much like googling a symptom you may have, googling people frequently yields unpleasant results. This case was no exception.

What our storyteller discovered was harrowing.

It turned out that there was a very real reason why no one was leaving him flowers, the man whom our twitter-narrator had been leaving flowers for for now, "TWO AND A HALF YEARS"!

It turned out that the man was a multiple murderer.

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Yep, the man who he'd been leaving flowers for wasn't exactly a stand-up guy.

He explained that he felt terribly guilty for leaving this man flowers, and resolved to try and make the situation right.

He decided that he needed to make it up to the man's murder victims somehow. He wrote, "[I] wasn’t going to leave them flowers every couple of weeks for two and a half years but I did feel like I owed them some sort of apology."

Our hero found the man's victims and left them flowers as an apology—but was interrupted.

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Nothing says weirdo like being stood over a stranger's grave mumbling quietly to yourself, not that I've done that! Wow it's getting hot in here.

Anyway, the story was far from over, as the final tweet revealed.

What flourished from the encounter led to something unexpectedly wonderful...

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Who knew that such a wonderful end could come from a story starting so morbidly?!

The story has since gone viral, with people fawning over possibly the most romantic story to start in a graveyard!

The story had people sharing their own romantic ways that they met their significant others. Or, in some cases, people lamenting at their less than romantic backstories, such as one twitter user who I think a lot of us can relate to:

"Great thread, although I'm somewhat miffed that it's made my story of how I met my husband in an alley behind the back of the local Wetherspoons seem a bit dull."

Hopefully though, this story will serve as a reminder that romance isn't dead yet — even if it apparently only exists in graveyards. Mmmmm, delicious, delicious irony!

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