Of Course Blake Lively Turned Ryan Reynolds Doing Her Hair Into A NSFW Joke

The best kinds of marriages are the ones where you're free to joke around with your partner as much as you want. And if those jokes sometimes get a bit naughty, well, that's even better! Nothing keeps the magic alive like some silly flirting every now and then, which seems to be a lesson that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds know very well.

Blake and Ryan are one of our favorite celebrity couples.

Obviously, they're both super talented actors, but on top of that, they're always making us laugh with their hilarious teasing, flirting, and ribbing on social media.

They're also not shy about what kind of jokes they're making!

These two are always doing the most on social media.

Like the time on Blake's birthday when she shared a sweet video of Ryan bringing her out her birthday cake! Blake quickly realized what her audience (and herself) were really focusing on in the picture.

She then zoomed the camera in on Ryan's bulging arm muscles.

She also added a cheeky little caption, writing, "Happy birthday to me" right over the muscle.

That's definitely one birthday present that's hard to beat!

Or how about when Ryan made a dirty joke after Blake tried to ruin his sex appeal with a photo of his tiny ponytail.

[Instagram | @vancityreynolds](https://instagram.com/vancityreynolds]

Ryan stated the tiny ponytail might be able to do the job that Blake's birth control wasn't... Given that the couple shares three kids together, I'd say that was a pretty good burn!

In her adorable Valentine's Day tribute to her husband, Blake shared a video of Ryan helping her color her hair.

They look like they're having a blast the entire time, which makes the sped-up video so fun to watch.

Even more fun, though, was Blake's suggestive caption which read, "That time I f'd my hairdresser."

Obviously, Blake and Ryan's fans loved the comment.

"Can we all agree that they are the best couple ever," one comment read, while another wrote, "IT'S THE CAPTION FOR ME!"

These two are truly relationship goals, although maybe not hairdresser goals! I guess that one would depend on how cute your hairdresser is!

They received some love from other celebrities in the process.

"Now that’s love!" Actress Gal Gadot wrote.

Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness commented that "The sectioning is really really good!"

"He’s got a knack," commented actress Rita Wilson.

We can't get enough of Ryan and Blake!

Are they your favorite celebrity couple or what? If not, who do you think's got more wit and charm than these two? Share with us your opinion in the comments!