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Homeless Father Of Five Struggles To Find Shelter That Accepts Men With Children

Homelessness is a terrible situation to fall into, and an almost hopeless situation to pull oneself out of. For homeless people who have a family to care for, it's that much more difficult.

There are hundreds of thousands of homeless Americans.

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It's tough to come up with precise numbers, but estimates show that on any given night, roughly about half a million people in the United States are sleeping outside on the streets.

Shelters can be tough to come by.

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While homeless shelters do exist, many urban centers don't have nearly enough beds to accommodate the local homeless population. When you factor in theft and disease, it's little wonder that shelters aren't the be-all end-all solution.

Homeless people all have families.

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While many live their lives solo, they all have a story. Unfortunately, many parents in the U.S. have found themselves homeless and face major difficulties when it comes to raising their kids.

This story takes us to Detroit.

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Detroit, a city with a large homeless population, gets bitterly cold during the long Michigan winter. As the weather begins to cool, one Detroit dad has found himself in a difficult position.

Joseph Cantu has five kids.

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Cantu, who lives in Pontiac, Michigan (just outside Detroit) is homeless. He also has five kids. His wife left him last month, forcing him and the kids to move out of the family home.

"I never thought this would happen to myself."

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While Cantu has juggled a few places for him and his kids to stay, these are only temporary solutions. He's recently unemployed, which makes finding a full-time home difficult. Adding to his problems is the fact that most shelters won't accept kids.

He's been anxiously waiting for something to open up for his family.

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"We're waiting on a placement through a shelter," he explained. "But unfortunately, here in southeast Michigan, there's not many shelters for men with children.

Fortunately, though, Cantu's luck took a turn for the better.

His story went viral.

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After a local Fox affiliate published his story, Cantu found himself overwhelmed with offers of support. To help him pay his bills, a garage in nearby Troy offered him a job. He's set to interview next week.

"God bless you guys."

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In addition to the job offer, readers and viewers sent in donations to pass on to Cantu and his children. Some generous people even offered the use of their homes until Cantu gets back on his feet.

Here's hoping things turn out well for him.

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"I want to say thank you to all the supporters, all the people who reached out," he said. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and my kids."

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