'Supermarket Sweep' Is Coming Back To Television With A New Host

That's right people! There has been a decree sent out to "cancel your plans" because that old show Supermarket Sweep is going back on the air.

Your prayers have been answered.

What's that? You don't know what 'Supermarket Sweep' is?

Don't worry, like you, I too was a glint in the eye of my father when it went on the air.

After watching a couple of episodes, this is what I gathered...

A bunch of people go hog wild in a supermarket.

Wikipedia boringly describes it as: "Teams compete in games involving supermarket product literacy" but it's much more than that.

They run around the store with carts, packing their carts with all sorts of expensive foods.

So yeah, it's gonna be pretty nuts.


What's even more nuts though, is the fact that Saturday Night Live alum Leslie Jones is not only going to executive produce, but she's going to host the reboot as well.

So, only one question remains: When do you cancel your plans?


Well, unfortunately, there has been no release date set yet.

However, you can practice by going into your local supermarket and ripping through the aisles like a madman on speed.

Out of the way, Granny! That turkey is mine!