'Better Call Saul' Season 5 To Be Best Season Yet: "It’s Just Shattering In Every Direction"

That's right Better Call Saul fans, you're getting a new season and it's going to be the wackiest one of them all!

Or, at least, the best. No guarantees on the "wacky".

There have been a whole lot of spin-offs.


There was Angel that spun off from Buffy, there was Joey that spun off of Friends and these days, we have great shows like Better Call Saul, that spin-off of other great shows like Breaking Bad.

That's not fair, because 'Better Call Saul' is more than just a spin-off.


It's really it's own thing at this point, that's how good it is. Bob Odenkirk is a national treasure, so it's really no wonder it's so good.

But this season, apparently, is going to blow your freaking mind.

We're on Season 5 now and things are going to ramp up to 11.


After the end of Season 4, we saw that Jimmy McGill was on the verge of turning into that loveable and dastardly guy Saul Goodman.

So we can't wait to see what makes the final push.

And Bob Odenkirk can't wait for us to see either.


In his own words: "It’s [redacted] awesome. I can’t wait for people to see it. It’s just shattering in every direction, and I love it."

He also said that he was impressed with you, the audience, for sticking through the slow burn of the show. Good for you!