John Boyega Believes Kylo And Rey Have Nothing On Finn-Poe In 'Star Wars': “Finn-Poe’s Gonna Last.”

Oh, you better believe it Star Wars fans. And if you think about it, do Rey and Kylo Ren really have any chemistry?

Finn and Poe Dameron on the other hand...

Well, it looks like another 'Star Wars' is coming out.


This one is called The Rise of Skywalker so... is Rey going to turn out to be a Skywalker? Does Ben count as a Skywalker?

We have a ton of questions, but this is about love, everyone.

The biggest question on everyone's mind is: who is going to get together in this one?


Will it be Kylo and Rey, who interacted during a steamy shirtless performance in the last one?

Will it be Finn and Rose who shared a very awkward kiss?

John Boyega (Finn) thinks his character has a better relationship with another character.

When asked which of the Star Wars relationships has the most staying power, he only had one answer:

Finn and Poe Dameron, the man who helped him leave the First Order.

It's something fans have been talking about for a while.


And who knows? Maybe Disney will create a nice little love triangle between Rose, Finn, and Poe for the last movie.

It's not like anything else interesting is going on anyways.