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M&M’s Is Bringing Back Its Pecan Pie Flavor For People Who Are SO Over Pumpkin

Ah, Thanksgiving dinner: a night of judgement-free gluttony, where your plate becomes a Jackson Pollock-inspired mishmash of cranberry sauce, gravy, and whatever scraps you just couldn't possibly add to your belly.

After you've successfully stuffed yourself full of delicious turkey and have given all the thanks you can possibly give, there's only one course left for you to conquer: dessert.

If your family is anything like mine, you're usually limited to two options for your post-turkey treat: pumpkin pie or pecan pie. And that's the kind of choice that can divide families.

Pumpkin pie people have long ruled the Thanksgiving world and all of its many flavored treats, but M&M's is here to recognize those pecan people once and for all.

Mars, Incorporated

That's why they've brought back their festive pecan pie-flavored candy, so even you anti-pumpkin heads out there can enjoy a sweet autumn treat every once in awhile.

According to Best Products, M&M's first released these packs back in 2015 and they have since remained an annual Thanksgiving staple, and for that we are truly thankful.

These seasonal treats have already been spotted on store shelves.

Instagram | @snackstalker

Instagram user @snackstalker eyed the yummy candies at Walmart just this week, so it's safe to say that fall has officially begun.

There's no word on the price for the candy in store, but Walmart's website lists the M&M's as costing $8.20 for a 9.9-ounce bag.

So now to answer the question you're all asking yourselves right now: Do these REALLY taste like pecan pie?

Well, let's just say the reviews are a little mixed. On the Walmart website, some reviewers said the candies tasted great, though more like caramel than pecan pie. Others didn't seem to care for them at all, with one person writing that they were "overly sweet and, by far, they tasted like chocolate."

The reviewer added, "They cloying sweetness of pecan pie was there, but not the nutty taste."

So, I guess you have to buy a bag and see for yourself. We all have different taste buds, and what might taste deceptively sweet to one person could be the perfect bite-size pecan pie to someone else.

h/t: Best Products