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Man Loses 300 Pounds And Totally Transforms His Body By Walking To Walmart

Pasquale Brocco is a man who, for a long time, hated how he looked.

But because of that hatred he had for himself, he decided to make a huge change to himself. And all he had to do was walk a mile.

Brocco spoke to ABC about his past self.

“My stomach was down to my thighs. My chest was hanging down here. I was disgusted.”

Doesn't that just break your heart?

So what did he do to change his life?

He started to walk to the Walmart nearest to him whenever he was hungry.

The Walmart was one mile away.

And that was enough to start making a difference with his body.

“You walk to Walmart three times a day, and you end up walking six miles,” he said. “It’s amazing because I never walked six miles in my life and I was doing it everyday.”

Obviously, the transformation is incredible.

And judging from his Instagram, he is clearly feeling a lot better about himself, which is important!

Good for him!