Katherine Heigl Looks Unrecognizable For Netflix Show ‘Firefly Lane’

That's right folks, Katherine Heigl has made a change to her look so drastic it's going to blow the minds of all you fans out there.

Especially you Grey's Anatomy fans.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present America's Sweetheart: Katherine Heigl.


Yes, when she's not dazzling us on the tube as Izzie Stevens on Grey's Anatomy, she's up there on the silver screen, doing all sorts of cool movies like The Nut Job.

And her look is iconic.


Yes, with the blonde hair and piercing brown eyes, she's almost instantly recognizable.

And, since she's been blonde for so long, there's no possible way on heaven or earth that she ever changes–


Well, nevermind all that.

What? How could Izzie... er, I mean Katherine Heigl, change her hair color! I would go as far as to say she looks totally unrecognizable with this new look!

Well, it's for a role.

Instagram | @katherineheigl

As these things usually are.

The show is called Firefly Lane, and it's coming to Netflix in the near future. Katherine stars as Tully opposite Sarah Chalke, two women who were friends but eventually get torn apart by betrayal.