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Japanese Artist Creates The Most Delicate Tiny Antique Dollhouse Furniture

There's something so intriguing about miniaturized items. Not only is anything tiny super cute, but to see something life-sized transform into a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids-sized realistic items sends the imagination soaring.

This Japanese artist creates miniature antique furniture, accessories, and food to send dolls back into the 18th Century.

Kiyomi is the artist behind these teeny tiny antiques.

Instagram | @chiisanashiawase2015

Based in Japan, she creates an assortment of vintage dollhouse accessories that are everything dollhouse dreams are made of.

They are all carefully and delicately crafted by hand.

Instagram | @chiisanashiawase2015

The attention to detail is wild! Check out these super tiny embroidery threads!

Creating these tiny items is no small feat.

Instagram | @chiisanashiawase2015

According to My Modern Met, Kiyomi wakes up at 4am to get started on these intricate crafts.

Her children are definitely lucky to be able to play with her art!

Instagram | @chiisanashiawase2015

Kiyomi does sell these items, although many are sold out.

I'm not surprised. These are definitely one-of-a-kind!

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