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Moms Love Chrissy Teigen's Honesty After She Was Asked About Juggling Life As A Working Mom

Even though she is a celebrity, Chrissy Teigen always keeps it 100% real when it comes to discussing her life as a mom. Moms are praising her once again for the way she handled a recent fan's question on Twitter.

Chrissy Teigen shares a lot of updates about her family on social media.

Even though her pics sometimes look perfect, she's also not afraid to get real about the challenges of motherhood.

Time and time again, Chrissy has been praised for showing the reality of being a mom through her posts.

She's shared images of herself breastfeeding, of herself wearing postpartum "diapers", and of her kids causing chaos.

Besides being a mom, Chrissy still works full-time in the entertainment industry as an author and TV host.

Most recently, Chrissy appears as one of the judges on the show Bring The Funny, judging up-and-coming stand-up comics.

Recently one of Chrissy's followers asked her how she's able to do it all.

And by "do it all" we mean, be a mom and work in a demanding industry. Being a mom on its own is exhausting, so what's Chrissy's secret?

Her response wasn't that surprising, but her honesty was.

Chrissy revealed that she relies on a lot of help and she even had a daycare room on set.

Quickly, many people praised Chrissy for her honesty.

It's not often that celebrities are so open about using help when it comes to taking care of their children. Many moms on Twitter agreed that motherhood, no matter who you are, is tough and requires a village.

People loved the fact that Chrissy didn't hide that she needed help.

Many moms feel ashamed to ask for help, but it's time to end that stigma.

Chrissy's response also highlighted the importance of paid maternity leave and affordable childcare.

Unfortunately, many families are still denied access to these initiatives and it makes raising children that much more difficult.

Some people, however, thought Chrissy's response was "elitist".

Of course, most families can't afford nannies or flexible childcare, but Chrissy stood by her response. In her clapback to the criticism she said, "ok, I'll lie next time."

Chrissy's honesty is so refreshing.

She's doing her part to get the word out about the realities of motherhood and we are so here for it.