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This Russian Artist Creates Super Realistic Wool Toys, And They're Unreal

You may have seen or heard of people creating tiny creatures out of needle felting. It's a fun activity to get the hands moving and to unleash some creativity.

One Russian woman has taken that craft to new heights by creating super realistic looking animals out of wool, and the detail is incredible.

Looking at this photo, you might think it's a person holding up a cute little pug pup.

Instagram | @tatianabarakova

You may be shocked to know it's actually 100% made out of wool.

Tatiana Barakova is the artist behind these super realistic wool toys.

Instagram | @tatianabarakova

It's almost scary how real they look!

She really understands the types of fur these animals have and the way the colors bleed into and out of one another.

Instagram | @tatianabarakova

Her attention to detail is incredible, to say the very least.

These would make great gifts for children who are allergic to animals, or to even start a collection!

Instagram | @tatianabarakova

There's no doubt Tatiana's artistry is incredible and awe-inspiring.

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