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It's The Beginning Of September And Costco's Pumpkin Pie Is Back For The Fall Attack

Pumpkin pie is pretty synonymous with Thanksgiving dinner, but that isn't stopping Costco from releasing their famous pumpkin pie just over two months in advance of the major holiday.

Shoppers are already spotting it in the giant warehouse-style chain, and are we really upset about it?

Speak for yourself, but I'm sure not upset that Costco's iconic pumpkin pie has hit their stores early September.

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This pie is amazing. It's almost 4 lbs and can feed around 12 people, but you know your slices won't be small eating this sucker.

You can't beat that price of $5.99 for a giant creamy, sweet, savory, and flaky-crusted pumpkin pie.

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Celebrate the start of fall and cut yourself a slice (or a few) of this autumn delicacy.

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