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Man Parks Car Inside Of House To Keep It Safe From Hurricane Dorian

One man in Florida decided to take his preparations against Hurricane Dorian one step further than the rest, by parking his car inside of his house.

The Smart Car fitted perfectly into the family's kitchen, thus protecting it form any storm activity.

Jessica Eldridge shared the photo's of her husband's hurricane prep on Facebook.

Facebook | Jess Ica

She shared the pictures with the comment: "My husband was afraid his car might blow away and my car is in the garage."

Apparently her husband Patrick Eldridge didn't fancy his Smart Car's chances against the hurricane.

Facebook | Jess Ica

Jessica's post has since gone viral, having been shared over 66, 000 times. Amongst the plethora of comments, there was a large majority of people ripping into the husband for driving a smart car.

One person joked, "He has his husband license revoked for driving a smart car."

As it turns out, people really aren't a fan of the Smart Car!

Patrick Eldridge told CBS, "[My] wife was impressed that I was right about it being able to fit into the kitchen."

Once the storm had died down and moved away, they removed the car from the house.

Facebook | Jess Ica

It came to pass that Mr. Eldridge's somewhat ingenious parking wasn't necessary after all; however, he did say that, "We now know that we have one additional parking spot available though!"

And, I'm sure that real estate agents everywhere will now be updating house specifications so that it says two parking spots based upon this.

There was also one or two panicky messages worrying about the safety of keeping a car in the kitchen.

Facebook | Jess Ica

As always, there was one concerned citizen who commented, "Jessy is your car electric or gas? I sent u a's important!! Because of carbon monoxide????..."

Jess, however, quickly replied, "it's gas but we're not driving it around the house. He just pulled it in and parked it."

The idea of them driving the car around the house is a fantastic image though.

I wonder how far you could actually get it into the house, as there is quite a large gap next to the car. Then you could drive between the living room and the kitchen, that's the dream!

Thankfully, the pair managed to get the car out easily enough and without any scratches.

YouTube | Jessica Jean

Ms Eldridge uploaded a video of her husband carefully reversing the car out of the kitchen to their YouTube page.

Hurricane Dorian may have moved away from Florida but it still presents a danger to US coastlines.

Twitter | Nick Hague

According to the National Hurricane Centre, "[Dorian] continues to lash the coast of the Carolinas. Hurricane conditions are likely over portions of the area later on Thursday."

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